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05-18-2007, 10:32 AM
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The Pens didn't make this deal did they? I am not Ottawa fan. I am just telling you that this guy is a choker and Heatley is a difference maker in the playoffs. It is all good and well to score 50 goals 100pts whatever, but that is what it is all about, winning the Cup. And Heatley will probably lead his team to a Cup this year if you have seen him in the post season.

Before you say Hossa does this and that by 'himself', so can Heatley. He is big and strong and won player of the month playing without Spezza for 20 games scoring more pts/goals than he ever did with even Spezza. Also he's back checking and breaking up plays from speedsters like Breire and Drury. Still leads the playoffs in scoring. That is what it is all about, can you produce and make a difference in the playoffs? No one realy cares how much you skate around with the puck.

Plus Hossa has played with all those talented euros that use to be in Ottawa including Alfredsson Havlat...on 114+ pt presidents cup teams that always choked or got swept by 7th/8th seeds.

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