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02-26-2004, 07:38 AM
True Blue
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"because the environment in the locker room had become so contaminated by a combination of self-loathing and disrespect for the head coach that the very essence of the franchise's integrity was being threatened with extinction"

There is no doubt that the players have no respec for Jackass. It's one thing when it's LIndros and Holik who are quitely snipping. It's quite another when players like Purinton say that it is time to bench players for making mistakes. It's another thing when Matty Barnaby says that it's not just the last several games and insinuates what we knew all along. That the Rangers have just not shown up for very many games ready to play.

"Hockey is only part of it for the Rangers, with winning as optional as most of their practices. "

There's that ugly word, practice, again.

"Having long ago lost the confidence of much of the team, Sather's support within the Garden has dwindled in recent months. "

It's contradicotry things like this that really make me wodner what is going on. Despite what is written, I just see zero evidence that Dolan will remove Sather as GM.

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