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02-26-2004, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jfont
goalie prospects are a crapshoot...its not worth any of your current can't miss prospects you have in your system. if the goalie draft prospect is a can't miss goalie, like MAF, then go for it...other than that, you best just stay where you are and draft the best player available...i would continue to develop what you have or, trade for a ryan miller or maxime quellet....but thats my opinion...oh, and goalies take a hell of a long time to get up to the big never know if anyone of your goalie prospects in the system busts out...

Thats pretty much exactly what I were saying as well. The thing for me is the gamble. Manny Legacy is always a reason to me, to shop for goalies. They take a long time to develope and unless you get a maf or even that lad they have in Atl (Lehtonen?) who are thought to be franchise goalies early on then a, the gamble is grand and you end up waiting longer to find out if you made the right call and b, there are loads of success stories of teams finding solid net minders in other ways.

That said I would also add that if the best available player we could take with our number one pick were a goalie then I would take him. No more a gamble then any other young player. Its just that for me, the only way I would deal any of our solid and developing young talent for an unproven one would be if it were one heck of a talent.

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