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Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post

I do NOT agree with this statement. IMO this team is exactly 1 player away from competing for a 5/6 PO berth and only 2 players away from being a Pres. Trophy/Stanley Cup contender. Now, admittedly those two players need be scoring line caliber; but I truely believe that we have the Defense, goaltending and "supplemental" group(Stempy, Boyes, Backes, Weight, Rucisnky, Cajanek, McClement) already in place for a legit Cup run as early as next year.
Here we go again. I'll agree to disagree with you. I only see three names on that list that I would consider top six players (anymore). Adding one player to this group will not put us in the playoffs. Two will make you border line playoff contender. Three legit top six players will put you in the hunt. You only have 2 twenty goal scorers on that list and a hopeful. 3 centers that are third or 4th line players and a spare part third line winger. You need to come up with about 70-80 goals, if you think we can be a contender. Two Guerin and Tkachuk type scorers do not make us Stanley cup contenders. Throw in a #1 center and I think you might have something. (until we expect them to produce in the playoffs) Let's not go there again. I think you're just one player short. Keep in mind, we can't score.

Originally Posted by kimzey59 View Post
And WHY do we want this? In 2-5 years we'll be trying to make room for Oshie, Berglund, Kana, Birner, Soderberg and this years picks(at least 2 of which I expect to be legit top 2 liners). With Stempy, Boyes, Backes and McClement already holding spots on the top 3 lines; that doesn't leave too many spots for other players. IMO what this team needs to be looking for this summer is players to hold spots until those kids are ready. I don't care about age at this point(younger is usually better due to the increased leg speed assotiated with youth, but that isn't always the defining factor in a players ability), I'm more concerned with ability.
Of those five, how many will realistically pan out? Have you read the Denny Felsner story? If three of them pan out or come over for that matter, then we did good. From experience, we know one of them may well end up being the next Peter Sejna. For a young legit top four defenseman and a first round pick, I expect a young legit top six forward (25-35 goals 30 to 40 helpers) or two potential top six forwards or Backman is not part of the deal. If I'm getting Stillman, then I'm trading Salvy and a 1st.

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