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05-20-2007, 09:57 PM
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I have to agree with Turnbullfan on more than 1 account. I would not trade a young defenseman that has not yet reached his potential, but still could, if he gets his head out of his backside. The problem I see with all of these ideas and dreams are the facts. The Blues had the 29th ranked pp. They were ranked #26 in goals for. The "fan" is right, we can't score. As far as the Blues being defensively geared, I sincerely hope that was a joke. True enough, they were much better under Murray, but they still ended up 20th in goals against and 25th on the pk. Murray or no Murray you have to have the talent, and unless the Blues figure out how to get the puck out of thier own end and on the stick of someone who can actually do something with it other than bat it back and forth in the corner they ain't goin nowhere. We have very little available talent in Peoria if someone gets hurt. Whitfield,
Glumac, DiSalvatore...yikes. I sure hope the Blues can convince some of the kids from Europe to come over, otherwise we're in deep. With guys like RJ and Jammer and the like here to be checkers and penalty killers and stastically not getting the job done{ see above} We better hope damn near all of these kids pan out or it'll be 5 years before we're in the playoff hunt, not the Cup hunt. I would love to see a deal with Pittsburgh of Salvador, yes that kick again, and 1 of our lower first round picks for Stone, Kennedy and Filewich. Right now the Blues need the potential to get better, these younger guys have that potential, Rj is not going to get better, Whitfield isn't going to become a 20 goal guy, neither is Jammer, nor is Salvador going to become a PP point man. Guys like these have been the status quo too long. They do the jobs they do well, except pk,
but the Blues are asking more than they can do. We need a talent influx now to help these young guys coming up know how to play the game right. After Murray came in the forwards were introduced to Legace and the end of the ice he plays on and we got better. I still believe if the Blues added a couple of solid wingers and a PP point man they are not only in the playoffs, but immediately dangerous, and if a decent percentage of these kids do pan out, we are dangerous for years. I hope the Blues draft Couture with the first of thier picks, with the other 2 picks in the first, I would like to see a defenseman with one and hopefully Dana Tyrell with the other. We have 2 second rounders as well I believe and I hope in either the 2nd or 3rd they go after Mitchell out of the OHL. A few d-men who could be available late in the first are Plante, Cole, Hickey or Cross any of them would be ok with me.

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