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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnightRU View Post
Hey all,

I'm playing both ice and roller hockey. I have a tendency to tie my laces around my ankle once to stiffen my ankle. I've tried playing with it regularly but the boot is way too loose for me. From both my roller and ice skates the laces rub on the outside after playing for more than an hour and a half or so, causing cuts on the outside of my ankle. I waited for the skin to calis(can't spell) over but it's taking a long time. They've healed enough that it doesn't bleed or anything.

Any tips to keep my ankles stiff so that I don't have to wrap my laces around like that?

Should I try wrapping my ankle directly with tape before putting them on? Though this may be painful by pulling out hair, it might work.

Thanks in advance.
you need to strenghten your ankles so you don't have to rely on the skates to hold you up. when i was a kid i wanted moulded skates because they were new and helped hold my ankles in place, but i wasn't allowed to get a pair until i could skate in my old leather skates with the laces untied. by the time i could skate without tying my laces, i didn't want or need moulded skates because they actually restricted the full range of motion of my ankle.

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