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05-21-2007, 06:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
Well, if you actually read the article (and this is not the first time this issue with Holik, Ortmeyer and Kasparaitis has come up in the media), you'd discover that Holik's case and Ortmeyer's are somewhat different and only Holik's money will end up counting against the cap. And why? Because the Rangers were stupid, that's why. They are the only team that tried to withhold these bonuses during the lockout and for a "reason" that will get blown out of the water when the grivance is heard. Serves them right for being tight with their pennies. Now it will cost them a player's salary on the roster. All for the joy of having had Holik in a Ranger jersey. Just lovely.
The Rangers didn't come close to the $44 million cap limit in 2006-07.The cap will increase to $47-$48 million next season and it's not likely the Rangers will be at the $47-$48 million cap in 2007-08.The Rangers could cut Holik a check for $1.52 million before June 30 and apply it to the 06-07 cap.They have cap space to do that

The Rangers carried Sandis Ozolinsh's $2.75 million,the Keven Weekes $1.95 million and took a $1.8 million hit on Kasparaitis but they still had $1.6-$1.7 million of cap space remaining.They had still had a good team

Which player are they not going to have the privilege of overpaying this summer or during the season?

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