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Originally Posted by lee17 View Post
The problem I see with all of these ideas and dreams are the facts.
ALL of the stats I have brought to the table are facts as well.
There was a night and day difference between the Blues under Kitchen and the Blues under Murray. You have to be completely blind to ignore the difference in play between those two coaches.

They were ranked #26 in goals for. The "fan" is right, we can't score. As far as the Blues being defensively geared, I sincerely hope that was a joke. True enough, they were much better under Murray, but they still ended up 20th in goals against and 25th on the pk.
Since you insist, I'll again bring back the projections under Murray(seriously, IB should sticky this so that I don't have to go digging it up all the time)

Under Kitchen
Record: 7-17-4
GF: 62
GA: 99

Seasonal Projections:
Record: 20-50-12 (52 points)
GF: 182 (would have ranked 30th in the league)
GA: 290 (would have ranked 29th in the league and last in the West)

Under Murray

Overall total
Record: 27-18-9
GF: 152
GA: 155

Seasonal Projections:
Record: 41-28-13(105 pts)
GF: 231 (would have ranked 20th in the league and 8th in the West)
GA: 235 (would have ranked 12th in the league and 9th in the West)

Pre Trade Deadline
Record: 20-10-5
GF: 103
GA: 94

Seasonal Projection

Record: 47-23-12(106 points)
GF: 241 (would have ranked 17th in the league and 7th in the West)
GA: 220 (would have ranked 10th in the league 8th in the West)

As I have said elsewhere;
Boyes SHOULD match Tkachuk's production from this year which means we only need to replace Guerin(which admittedly could be a bit tricky) to get back to that level, and that offense isn't NEARLY as bad as people are making it out to be.

I would love to see a deal with Pittsburgh of Salvador, yes that kick again, and 1 of our lower first round picks for Stone, Kennedy and Filewich
1) Why would Pittsburgh make this trade?

2) How does that package help the Blues next year? This team doesn't need "depth" for Peoria, we've already got plenty of players there that can adequately fill in for injuries(Whitfield, Glumac, Disalvatore, Stastny, Birner, and possibly Drazenovic and one or two other prospects(Soderberg, Linglet, any of our Euro prospects that get signed) by the end of the year); we NEED impact forwards on the NHL roster. This team has NO INTENTION of "sucking it up" for another year. They intend to be back in the PO's next season and will do what it takes to get there. They are not going to trade any of their chips away for a package of prospects or picks like you're suggesting.

If we make a trade with a D man it will be for somebody who can be a legit top 2 line player right away. In order to get a player of that caliber we'll have to GIVE a player with high trade value. That excludes Salvador from the list of canadates.

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