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05-21-2007, 12:07 PM
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So I want to look at this list again:

My list:
Anaheim-lsoing O'Donnell; could trade Penner or Kunitz.
Pittsburgh- needs defense; could trade Ryan Malone, Colby Armstrong or one of the kids you mentioned.
Calgary- losing Stuart and Hamrlik as FA's; could deal Lombardi or Langkow.
Montreal- losing Markov, Souray and Niinimaa as FA's; could trade Kovalev, Ryder or Plekanec.(I have a very strange feeling that we may see a Backman/Kovalev deal this summer)
San Jose- losing Hannan and Rivet as FA's; could trade Marleau, Bell or Pavelski.
Columbus- already needed D men and are losing Berard as a FA; could deal Zherdev.
Edomton- needs 2 top 4 D men; could deal Stoll, Horcoff, Lupul or Torres.
LA-losing Miller and Modry; could deal Cammaleri.
Nashville- Losing Timonen and Vishnovsky as FA's; could deal Legwand, Dumont or Erat.
NYR- needs to upgrade Defense; could trade Prucha.

OMG, I forgot the most intriguing possiblity I see out there!
Add: Carolina- losing Hedican and Wesley to retirement and Tanabe to FA(although that could be viewed as an upgrade); could dangle Erik Cole or Cory Stillman.

Another thing you need to add in is the availability of the UFA's. Like Pittsburgh, will they make a trade before July 1st when they have the cast to throw around for a UFA defenseman that costs them nothing. I suspect Pittsburg will go the UFA route as people will try to fleece them for youngsters they don't want to give up.

Depending on how the Ducks finish this season off, they make not make a deal. They only lose 1 player, and he isn;t an impact defenseman on that team.

Calgary will make a move, and could be a possible trading partner with the Blues. Sutter likes to play in the draft, and the Flames like to go on the cheap. You could see a salvy for Lombo and add the fixtures around it type of deal. The flip side that that Hannan played for Sutter in SJ, and Calgary likes to get former Sharks. So they may sit and wait. I just don't see that happening.

Montreal will make a deal. But I am guessing it will be a UFA type of deal. they will have a lot of money to spend. And they won't lose everyone. They will want a much bigger impact player back than the blues can give up. not because of thier assets, but because of the loss the names and the Montreal media pressure to add big names back. This is probably the defining moment in weither Gainey has a job or not.

San Jose won't lose both of them more than likely. Rivet has said he liked his short time in SJ, and he fills a definite role there. I wouldn't be suprised if he resigns. The other defensive slot will be filled from within. The sharks will make a trade in the off season, but it will be a goalie out. They don't need the cap relief quite yet, but when they do, it will be a big name out for no money in return.

Columbus is under no pressure to do anything. they just shifted management out, really are not spending any money, and have very little press or fan pressure to move forward. I do think they will toss Zherdev out for teh right deal, but it involved kids and prospects coming back, somethign the Blues won't give up.

Edmonton is a viable trading partner. A bit of money, but fear to spend it. They will also probably deal a forward as well. But I can't see them doing a 2 for 1 deal. you could move backman up there, but I am not sure you would get anything more than 1 forward back. kind of a wash from the Blues perspective. But if they can get 2, this is the deal to make.

LA started moving young last year. the trend will continue again. They need a goalie worse than anything. They are also under no pressure to win. Deno is quite safe for another year. If they made a deal, it would be for the pick, not the player. And ignore all the news about LA moving that #4 overall, it won't happen unless a guy like Stall comes back, and that isn't going to happen either.

Nashville has a couple of things going against the Blues. 1), they see each other 8 times a year, and 2) Nashville will have some money to spend. They will want a big name player coming back. I suspect this is where Souray will land.

NYR is intresting. Pretty bland trade for both sides. I guess it could work.

Carolina. Would the Blues want a older Stillman back?

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