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05-21-2007, 01:44 PM
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Again with negativity on anyone else's ideas. 107 points puts the Blues #7 in the west and out the door in 5-6 no matter if they play Detroit or Anaheim. They simply do not have the scoring power to stay with those teams. Even with your mathematical projections in todays have/ have not NHL they would little better than middle of the pack, that is using your own numbers.

You were the one preaching the wonders of Salvador. You also stated Pittsburgh needs D-men, we have an abundance of defensive minded d-men either here now or coming up soon, McKee, Jackman, Polak, Jackson and of all of those guys the most likely candidate that I see as a tradeable commodity is Salvador. We can't trade Brewer, not with that contract. So if he's as good as you say he is he ought to be
pretty hefty as far as trade value goes. I know I won't miss watching him and Brewer chase the same guy around the net while the opposing wingers start a BBQ in front of Legace.

None of the guys at Peoria right now can step in and help, either they aren't ready
yet, are never going to be ready, or got ready and missed the dance. The guys I mentioned at Pittsburgh are 1/2 to a year away from offering something at the NHL level, poss longer, but thet have POTENTIAL to help improve the Blues not just, " not embarass themselves". Dude our highest scoring left wing last year after Tkachoke left scored 12 goals. That was Rucinsky, who only played 2/3 of the year. I like Rucinsky, he can play anywhere you put him, PP, PK, even strength, but its safe to say he's on the back half of his career, and health always seems to be an issue. The next highest scoring natural left wing was Sejna with 3. By the end of the year Backes, Weight and Cjanek were all spending time there. At the beginning of the year they were our 1st and 2nd line centers and a kid that should be our #2 RW after Stempy.

The Blues had Stempy and Backes breakthrough last year we need to bring some young guys in that have not had that chance yet. The guys are mentioned are in tough with the forwards they have in Pittsburgh. The Blues need help at forward and these are young guys, a couple of years older than our better prospects coming up, that have pro experience that offer potential to help at forward. I really hope that some of these kids play. I would love to see 2 or 3 of them on the opening roster, but I truly think they are a year or 2 away at the earliest, and if thats the case why not try to load up for the future, trade some of these guys that in a few years are not going to be as viable for guys that offer viability for the future. The kids are coming, lets make a bigger army, lets build for a bigger future. I don't want to trade Schwarz, I threw that out for fun, for conjecture. I want to see the Blues get better for the long haul.

I believe with the right off season moves the Blues are a playoff team, I also believe they are 1 Legace injury from being a lottery team next year. Thet need more depth, depth with potential, not just guys who don't embarass themselves. That's what I asked in the beginnning, who out there, realistically, do you think the Blues should go after? Who would you draft? Do you consider the picks future Blues or trade commodities for next years Blues? I don't want to argue with you, it is fun though, I have the same passion that you do Kimsey concerning the Blues, I guess I see the future 3-4 years from now very brightly and it could be even brighter with the right moves now with that future in mind. Our roster right now today is borderline as far as the playoffs go and I don't believe we will be serious contenders for the Cup next year, but if they get in....who knows.

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