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05-21-2007, 05:41 PM
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Kimzey, the reason I don't agree with you with Stillman is that I would much rather have Cole. Stillman will be ready to bump Chris Kerber in a couple years. Cole is going to be around for a while. We don't need to delete assets to get an older rental player. I agree with you that we need to replace Guerin's goals, but I don't see too many 35 goal guys out there. That is why I say we will need two players to replace his output. Keep in mind that teams paid attention to Tkachuk which opened up space for Guerin. We need a guy that is going to draw the other teams top defensive line, yet still contribute. Boyes is not Tkachuk. I don't like Tkachuk, but I sure would make sure I knew where he was when he hit the ice. If you make a move for a Cole. resign a Tkachuk and sign a Handzus. I think that you just made yourself a team to pay attention to.

Lee17 is right in that we do not have the young depth, when we get hit with injuries. Whitfield, DiSalvatore, and Sejna are to coin a baseball phrase AAAA players. Not good enough for the big time, but put up good minor league numbers. I would prefer to have some guys that don't need much seasoning with some potential along with what we already have.

Kimzey, remember Pronger's first few years. He is going to have to be babysat big time. I can only hope that he gels quicker than Pronger, but we can't count on anything out of him realistically. We will need some extra goals to account for rookie mistakes.

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