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05-22-2007, 01:21 PM
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Some skates are wider thank others, for example in an easton you might be a D width but in vector a EE might not be big enough. Go with a skate that fits your foot. I'd take a look at eastons, and maybe RBKs... everything else you are certainly a wide width.

As far as CCM pants go, anything at or above the 692 are going to be protective but bulky. If I had my choice of any pants I'd pick tacklas. I have 692s(the higher the level of CCM pant the bulkier they are) and if they needed replacing I definitely wouldn't be getting a new pair. Don't get me wrong, they are horrible but they leave something to be desired, they are slightly restrictive and a bit too bulky in the front(which adds to the restrictive-ness).

The mission M-1 pants are probably the best bang for your buck pants, they're pretty cheap right now and they are plenty protective.

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