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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
The allowance was a one time offering, not a one time offering, but could be 2-3 years because you claim (in fact you are the only GM to make this claim) that three different GM's all indicated to you verbally not to pay the bonus money?

That excuse is thinner than a spider's web

The reason it should count against the cap is because it wasn't paid out when the allowance was granted. The allowance had a time frame to it, that summer before teams had to report to camp, the Rangers (Sather rather) Gambled that someone would actually believe that a players agent would forego his clients rights to 1.5 million dollars. He gambled and lost and should be held accountable for it both by paying the amount due plus interest and have the principle amount assessed against the cap. Paying Interest is not a penalty because it's not their money so it's not an out of pocket expense item.
What are you talking about?The compliance buyout was completed by the July 29,2005 deadline.The paperwork was filed with the NHL,NHLPA and Central registry.It wasn't rejected.By the very definition of the definition of "compliance buyout" it does not count

If a Player's 1995 SPC has been terminated and bought out by a
Club pursuant to the "Compliance Buyout" provisions set forth in
Exhibit 16 to this Agreement, which "Compliance Buyout"
provisions apply only to the period preceding the 2005-06 regular
season as agreed upon by the parties (and in accordance with the
terms of the 1995 SPC, except as modified herein), then the money
due and owing to the Player pursuant to the buyout shall be paid
over the course of the remaining length of the terminated and
bought out 1995 SPC, shall not be made in a lump sum, and the
amounts paid under such buyout agreement shall not be included in
the Actual Club Salary and Averaged Club Salary of the Club that
bought out the Player during any League Year in which the buyout
is paid. Any moneys paid pursuant to a Compliance Buyout
Agreement are excluded from the definition of League-wide Player
Compensation. Amounts paid under such buyout agreement shall
not be counted against the Players' Share for any League Year in
which they are paid.
Moreover, a Player that has been bought out
under the Compliance Buyout provisions of this Agreement shall
be prohibited from rejoining the Prior Club that bought him out
(via re-signing, trade Assignment or otherwise) for the 2005-06
League Year
While in an Ordinary Course Buyout,all of the buyout money counts

The Darius Kasparaitis and Jed Ortmeyer money was pre-lockout and pre-NEW NHL CBA.It has no business counting against the cap

Did the Eric Lindros bonus money from the 2003-04 season count against the 2006-07 salary cap?No.The arbitrator ruled for Lindros in the summer of 2006

You are letting your hatred for Sather cloud your judgement

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