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05-23-2007, 01:04 AM
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This thread comes off as if Glen can merely snap his fingers and Leetch will come crawling back to NYR.

Slats was open to discussing a return of Brian to Broadway this past season. But Leetch dragged his skates for whatever reason, be it lingering bitterness over the trade to Toronto or how that was handled/mishandled or whether Brian felt he was in shape to play.

It was Leetch who declined to return to Gotham under whatever parameters Glen was discussing with Brian's agent.

This is not to paint Leetch as the villain, here. My point is that threads like this always make it seem as if players and other G/Ms are merely there to do Glen's bidding.

The truth is always more complicated.

And even if Brian was available this fall, Slats owes it to the organization to survey potential trades and the UFA horizon in July before committing cap $$ to Leetch. Perhaps, he even owes the youngsters a look before phoning Brian's agent.

My memory is fuzzy on this, but I think Brian's agent is Jay Grossman. Don't pelt me if I'm wrong. I am miles from my notes right now.

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