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05-23-2007, 02:44 AM
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Inline Hockey

Hey all.

I'm 20 and looking to get into inline hockey, because there is a rink around here that runs leagues nightly, and where getting into Ice Hockey would be quite a bit more expensive and time consuming for me, I want to get into it relatively (relatively) quickly.

I am interested in playing goalie, and have never really done anything like this before (I've played organized sports but never hockey -- I've played street hockey beyond on the school yard and such), but anyways since I'm getting into this seriously now I am kind of clueless as to the sort of equipment I would need and where a good place would be to look.

I was hoping some of you guys could provide me with some recommendations as to some good gear and so on.

I know already that I play sort of a hybrid flop style of goalie, half Hasek half butterfly. Though I am not on my back as much as the Dominator. I look forward to flopping all over the place in a beginner league sometime this fall.


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