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05-23-2007, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Prucha25Graves988 View Post
Long story short. NYR needs to win and god forbid Henk goes down,weekes is not the man to help this team win.

I would rather, and actually always liked Valliquette,so Im more than fine with him.

So to your question ,NONONONONNONONONONONO to Weekes,NO!
you honestly think Valliquette would help us more than Weekes if Henrik goes down.

I donīt know about you but I feel much more comfortable with Weekes in net than I am when Vally is.
Weekes is arguably the best option as a backup goalie right now, I mean whats his competition? Markkanen is probably the only other guy I would have no problem with as our Backup, but what else is left? Backstrom? No chance, he will most likely resign with Minnesota, McLennan? Not better than Weekes. Thibault? He got hot at the end of the season but I still wouldnt take him, Iīm also pretty sure Pitts will not let him go/Thibault is feeling really good in the Burgh.
You want Boucher? Me neither.

Again, Weekes is the best option outthere, unless you wanna rush Montoya and waste some developement time he could get down in Hartford.

edit: on a sidenote, I am surprised the poll is this close, I actually thought this guy is hated on this board especially after reading the many , many game day threads where he has been cursed and wished to hell and every goal was to blame on him.

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