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05-23-2007, 09:59 PM
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Despite what has been said about Balsillie wanting to move Pittsburgh and everyone assuming he will do the same with Nashville there is simply no proof that he had or has any intention of moving the Penguins or the Predators.

The conditions made by Bettman for the Penguins sale so so absurd anyone would have walk away. Remember Bettman made a condition of the sale that:

a) the Pens couldn't be moved regardless of the circumstances. That isn't a very smart thing to do while attempting to negotiate a new arena deal as it removes the only thing the team can negotiate with. Just imagine trying to make a deal when you literally have no bargaining chips.

b) That the league could take over the franchise for whatever reason they wanted whenever they deemed it necessary. In other words they really own the team, you just pay the bills.

Regardless, I hope this works out for the fans of the Predators. You guys deserve to have this team.

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