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05-23-2007, 11:36 PM
Go Preds Go
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Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
This is BS.

It sure was fun to have the NHL here. Fun to watch Kariya, Forsberg, Arnott play here. And to see Legwand, Hartnell, Timonen, Vokoun all grow up here.

I never trusted this guy when he was trying to buy the Pens. And I really don't trust him now. I don't understand how Leipold could sell the team to this Balsillie. Leipold saw first hand how Balsille wanted to move the Pens and he was there in the Board of Governors to help stop him from moving the Pens. And now Leipold is falling for the same scam here!!

I think this deal must have been in the works for a long time. The Blackberry Guys have been around the arena giving out stuff at the door with a jersey giveaway or something. I always said no when they tried to give me stuff because of the whole Penguins deal.

But I do have to say I agree with what the guys on 104 said. Leipold had said on numerous occassions that he wanted a LOCAL investor to buy up to 40% of the team, but no one in this stupid town stepped up to the plate. If the Preds leave then the local businesses will be sorry. The Sounds might leave, the Preds might leave and we'll be stuck with the Titans for 8 games a year and the Kats who don't draw well anyways. Just as Bud Adams wants, to be the only team in town. Downtown is going to turn back into the crackhouse it used to be before the Preds came to town.

The mayor, wimpy as he may be, needs to step up and do something. Get on the phone to the NHL and this guy.

I just don't understand this. The team has been planning all this 10 year anniversary stuff and now they're being sold. We go out and get the Sports Authority to give us a new jumbotron, we trade for Peter Forsberg, we're going after FA's, we resign the coaches, we get a new naming partner for the arena. And now the team gets sold. It just doesn't add up. I think we all got played for a fool here.

I know it doesn't automatically mean they're moving, but if they aren't, then Leipold and Balsille need to get here and tell everyone that they are staying here (not that that would aside any fears).

If they are gone, this season is going to suck. Attendance will be less than 5000 every game, no FA's will sign here, Hartnell and all them will be gone.

Balsille and Leipold....YOU SUCK!
Well said 303, well said.

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