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02-26-2004, 07:30 PM
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I think a lot of prospects are overrated when they are in Colorado and plummet in value once PL trades them.

Nedorost hasn't shown anything in Colorado or Florida. Add to that he has already had surgery at a young age. If anything he was brutally overrated here at HF (think the site had him as the 18th best prospect in the world. what was that all about). Still might turn out to be an ok 3rd liner or if pretty much everything goes perfect a 2nd liner. But this far he has to be considered a semi-bust.

Johansson was not going to be signed by Colorado. He was asking for too much money compared to his development this far. Also injured at a young age.

Vrbata is the one of those three that might come back to haunt PL. Mostly because Battaglia was a bust in Colorado. Vrbata is a skilled young player that might develop into something. On the other hand he is pretty small and despite given a lot of chances to succeed in Colorado he never really took it.

To describe the trades involving these three players as "trading away the future" is laughable. Those that say that are overrating these three players. Something that often happens with Avs youngsters (probably because the organization has no problem with letting young players get a chance to prove themselves at a young age).

PL has done a great job shipping out players that were not going to help with this cup run, and getting players that will. The only trades in the last year I don't like is Battaglia->Vrbata and Reinprecht->Ballard. The Ballard one would have made more sense during a period that was more focused on rebuilding.

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