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05-24-2007, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
ahh, i knew someone would bring this up. here is what my opinion on those games are. the team knows he sucks. they know that any decent shot has a chance to go through him, so they definitely hunker down. did you see the goal he gave up at the end of the san jose game, that was terrible, he just stood there, watched it go by, and didnt move at all. Anyways, yeah, the team most definitely played harder in front of Weekes because they know he wont bail them out like Henrik did. Once the team realized that Henrik wasnt god, and needed the same help, the team took off.

Its about how the team played more than how he played. The team kept everything to the outside, and really limited chances against.

By the way, just look at the stats.

someone feel free to find out what the average sv% and gaa is these past few years, but here are Weekes' numbers
3.39 & .879 this year
2.95 & .895 last year

not exactly impressive.
in the mentioned game against the sharks weekes faced 30(+?) shots.
I wouldnt say its proof of the defense/team playing harder in front of him, and to be honest Iīd say its a myth that the team plays with more effort when weekes is in net.
what kind of attitude is that? i mean come on, would you , as a blueshirt, step on the ice, with henrik in net and think "oh well Henrik is in, he will bail us out, so i dont have to give 100%"/"yikes, kevin is in.. I have to play 110%!!!"
thats definitly unprofessional.
I think you are really underestimating weekes play.
noone denies Weekes has a few stinkers, even i said it myself, he cost us a couple of game, but he also won us games.
and your stats dont really mean much to me because he actually didnīt play alot this season, so its kinda hard to build up some decent stats with only a bunch of games.
its like.. lets say Roberto Luongo plays 2 games, he gets lit up in both game by 5 goals on 20 shots and then goes down with an injury and then saying Luongo sucks because of those 2 games.
Weekes is nowhere near henrik and is hardly a starting goaltender.
but imho opinion hes a very decent backup.

by the way talking about stats
check out his stats sheet on hockeydb

its appearant that he is having a rough time in new york but if you check out his other stats he looks like a pretty good goalie and im not surprised he used to think he can get the starting job when he came over.
now why did he stink with us? thats another topic, i personally think that its a mental thing, i wouldnt exactly say losing his starting job to henrik is a factor, but it can be one, and if you lose confidence as a goalie you will flat out stink because you dont believe in your abilities. and dont underestimate the 18200 peeps in MSG that would love to push you off the empire state building if you make a mistake.
its a shame Weekes got booed. I personally would hate to play for a team whose fans boo me whenever I make a mistake instead of supporting me.
In Britain fans are often referred as "supporters" and for a reason.

that being said, it still amazes me that the slight majority would like to have him back. thats pretty surprising because I really believed Weekes is the (a) goat on this board

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