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05-24-2007, 02:05 PM
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Oftentimes Kevin has given up goals early--bad ones. Anyone who has watched the past two seasons knows that. He's capable of playing well at times and for stretches even however he's nowhere near Henrik's ability. Neither is Valiquette for that matter. I for one don't know which Kevin will show up--the better one--the worse one--from one game to another. The thought always occurs though that whether the opponent is a good, a bad or an in between team that we're gambling with our goaltending that night. That before we know it two points might fly away. Giving away points early in the season leads to situations such as we saw last year--Henrik playing every game for the last 3 months of the season. No Henrik wasn't always that great either but he is the man when he needs to be.

Beyond all that is the state of our youth movement. Why should we waste time and money on players who have no real future in our organization when an answer is already sitting in Hartford--someone who does have a future. We don't like the idea of young forwards and defensemen being blocked out by vets who aren't pulling their weight but for some reason we want to bring this guy back.

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