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05-24-2007, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Blue Jackets fan (don't let the playoff avatar fool you), just wanted to stop in and wish you guys the best of luck on this thing. I don't care for relocation regardless how long a team has existed. The fact that it seems to be corporate ticket sales at the issue is also frustrating because its clear there are true fans in Nashville.

Having a third team in a remote city in Southern Ontario would be a disaster despite what most Canadians seem to think. Consider that the NY metro area has three teams and two of those teams have had attendance issues on a regular basis. Southern Ontario has a similar population but most of that population is in Toronto and Ottawa with the rest dispersed in a large geographical area. Just doesn't make business sense when you consider how many years it took for the Senators to get their financial house in order.
3 teams in Souther Ontario would still easily beat 3 teams in the NY Metro area attendace-wise, Kitchener draws 5,000 fans per game at there OHL games not to mention Hamilton, Guelph, London, and GO-TRAINS from Toronto could all be on route to the arena, it could easily work.

It's a shame it has to happen to Nashville though, I'd prefer to see it done with an Expansion team, I've watched the Expos and the Grizzlies been snatched away from there fans it will be unfortunate to have the same situation here.

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