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Originally Posted by Checker View Post
Hey, Chainshot. Don't know if you're still following this thread but could the Blues put together a package (not including Jackman) that could fetch Derek Roy from you guys. He's pretty much what we need, from what I understand is a RFA for you guys, and given some of the contracts you have coming due, you may want to invest money elsewhere
Roy, Connolly, Kotalik or Afinogenov would be guys in play at the NHL level up front. Since Connolly is coming off another injury, his value is certainly limited. Roy is arbitration eligible and it's not impossible to see him jump from his current salary up into the mid-$2 million range. Depending on the potential face of the team (ie. do the Sabres managing partners look to keep Drury AND Briere) and Vanek's RFA status, it seems likely someone is leaving. Of course I'd be more interested in moving Connolly and say Kalinin but that is probably far too much risk for the Blues to take on. Kotalik hit for over 60 points when paired with a quality passer (Connolly) last season and could be available. Afinogenov... well... Max is affordably priced and a dynamic offensive talent. However, depending on what the Sabres decide to do, he too could be in play this summer. *shrug* I'm not the GM, I can only make observations and extrapolate an idea.

I see Backman's name in the thread... however, his game isn't the sort of style that I'm looking for. Buffalo already has a set of 2-way puck movers and are lacking on the end of quality body movers. With Brewer and McKee tied up to their deals, Johnson coming on board and the reasonably priced deal for Salvadore... Backman or Jackman seem like possible assests that could be moved to bolster the Blues forward ranks. Most are loathe to move Roy. However, if the managing partners decide to go after (and sign) both Briere and Drury, Connolly's lack of worth due to injury makes Roy the likely casualty down the middle. He's versatile and I'd love to see him given LW duty full-time with Drury... but the arbitration awards of last summer could price him out if the Sabres are trying to maintain their captaincy.

I don't see anything the Blues could offer without Jackman in it that appeals to me for Roy.

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