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05-25-2007, 01:56 AM
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I also wrote a letter to Bettman:

Mr Bettman,

I first want to start out thanking you for putting a team in Nashville. It took a lot of guts, and I am sure in the end, you will see it was not a bad decision.

It may come to your surprise that this city has embraced hockey more than we all realize. Nashville is a city that has a lot of businesses that do not support MANY local events. I am not just talking about the Predators, but also concerts (Riverstages and Dancing in the District).

While I am not here to bash the businesses; it is ALL THEIR FAULT for the ruining of the Predators franchise in the past few years. Our fanbase here is amazing. Id say one of the tops in the League. But the problem lies in the local community. Not the younger than 35 years old group, but the older people who will not give hockey a chance in the Corporate World.

The NHL MUST realize that hockey is succeeding here. You need to go to ANY elementary school, high school, or college in town and you will see MORE Predators jersey's than Titans or any other sport in general. This younger generation loves the sport and really see's how great of a sport it truly is. Once this younger generation grows up, gets jobs and families, these people WILL buy tickets for themselves and their family members. The problem is: Nashville has not had the time.

As for me, I graduate college in December. I can not afford season tickets as of this date (because i do not have a job that i make that kind of money YET). There are MANY MANY MANY like me who are in the exact same situation in this city. While many businessesmen in this city may not go to work the next day and talk about the Predators game around the water-cooler, kids at school DO talk about it. Just give the NHL a chance in Nashville and let this younger generation grow-up, get a job, and then watch as the tickets will sell themselves to the generation that loves hockey in this area.


Brian Fisher

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