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05-25-2007, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Upchuck19 View Post
Blaming Leipold is the dumpiest thing I have ever heard, he is a business man and he looks to be making a profit. Isn't that what people are in business for?

How do you know he is lying, someone gave him a offer sheet for $220M and he is taking the money. That's what I call a good buisness man.

Leipold is selling the Preds, what the new owner does with the team is none of Leipold's business!
After stewing over this for a couple of days, I have re-evaluated my feelings. I am not mad at Leipold for selling -- I would do it too if I lost that much money as well... (I still think he's making out a lot better than a 6-7% ROI)

I seem to remember conflicting reports during the early years of the franchise -- Predators lose millions, but Powers Management has a nice profit. They kept crying poverty for deep losses on the "team" side of the business, but secretly made millions on the Powers Management side of the business (also owned by Leipold) which governed anything not directly associated to team player & equipment costs (i.e., concessions, arena usage fees, etc).

However, I am furious that Leipold couldn't surround himself with a better marketing staff. The whole lack of corporate support thing just ticks me off to no end. Sure, the Titanssean newsrag probably contributed to potential businesses and fans to turn away, but why not sell your product a little better?

I guess it's not completely hopeless or over until the fat lady sings, but I still run into folks here at work that were not even aware of Nashville having a hockey team. Very sad.


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