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Originally Posted by Upchuck19 View Post
NHL doesn't want any franchise to move unless there is no other option!

If the Pred fans buy 14,000 season tickets, the rest of the lease is in place and he can't move!

What are his options right now? Hamilton draws 2-3K per game for the AHL and has a crappy arena. Sure it has 17K seats, but very little luxery boxes. Hamilton arena was built for the NHL in the 80's, not built for todays needed revenues.

What's the other option, the Kitchner area? It will take 2-3 years until the new arena could be built on the fast track. What does he do in the interm? Where does he go until this new arena can be built? Kitchner arena holds about 8K, big time lost revenue until?

Unless he has something up his sleeve, I don't have a clue what he has going on in his mind.

Bottom line is if the Pred fans buy 14,000 season tickets then he is stuck in music city. The NHL owners want him to stay in Nashville and won't let him tank the team during this off season or they won't approve the sale of the team to him.

Either way there is alot of interesting twists and turns coming.

Well unfortunately leases are easily broken, so he can still move the team. He'd just have to pay a larger severence fee.

I also don't think you understand the nature of Balsillie's ownership. This is speculatively a toy to him, and he's probably not looking at it as a lucrative business opportunity. Sticking an NHL team in Hamilton would probably make do for the time being until an arena is built wherever he intends to stick the team.

I'm not convinced that even with higher fan support that the team will stick in Nashville. I hope so for your sake, but I'm not convinced.

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