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05-25-2007, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by cantskate View Post
Gary can always be fired. There are a lot of owners that are tired of paying $$$ to the Nashville Creditors.

You folks on this board are great supporters of the Preds, but how long should an owner be expected to lose money? Bettman isn't the one losing his shirt. How long should other owners be expected to support hockey in another city that doesn't adequately support it's team? Why should Toronto, Detroit, Vancouver, etc. be expected to pay every year just so 14k fans in Nashville get to keep a team?
the fact that he exaggerated how much the team lost is still up for debate. He lost 3 million dollars PER SEASON since the Preds have been in place in Nashville.

Fact is, the youth in this city has grown up watching the Predators and are in love with this team. We just need to allow 3-4 years of these people to graduate college, get jobs, so that they can buy themselves tickets, along with their wives and kids.

Point being, when the youth in this city finally get jobs, Corporations will be almost forced to buy tickets when their employees all want tickets to the hockey games.

The first year the Predators made the playoffs, we had the lockout... which killed our momentum. In the past 2 seasons, the Predators have had over a 25% increase in attendance. Tell me how it doesnt look like it is going up?

All Nashville needs is a long playoff run to get these people hooked. It worked for Carolina, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, and Dallas... why cant it work in Nashville?

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