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02-27-2004, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by HF2002
One thing that surprised me about the Flyers was their failure to go after an Ottawa player for any misdeed. For example, no one went after Havlat for the cheap shot. I was expecting to see someone start throwing knuckle sandwiches but to my surprise.... nothing. Is this new? Is this Hitchcock's influence?
Probably quite a bit of Hitchcock's influence, but none of Fedoruk, Brashear, or Primeau were healthy and they're only guys who would've gone after any Ottawa players, but even so, it wouldn't have been likely that they would've been on the ice with Recchi anyways. So nobody had a shot at going after Havlat (unless you count LeClair or Handzus :p .) Maybe we'll see something next game. I doubt it though.

Yeah, and hopefully everyone will get off Burke's back and realize that he's a quality goaltender.

Edit:Hitchcock after the game:Hitchcock already considered Havlat a dirty player and Thursday night's actions only reinforced his opinion.

"Someday someone's going to make him eat his lunch," said Hitchcock. "This is something in my opinion that the players should take care of."

Hitchcock eluded that at some point some player, and not necessarily one of the Flyers, will put Havlat in his place and that it won't be pretty.

Recchi agreed with his coach and said Havlat's time will come.

"He two-handed me across the face," said Recchi. "He's known for it.

"It might not come from our team, but he better protect himself."

Havlat was apologetic and admitted he never intended to hit Recchi in the face.

"I don't feel good about what I did," said Havlat. "I was getting frustrated with all the hooking going on before that. I wanted to hit him, but not in the face. It was a bad decision and we'll see what happens."

So maybe we will see some action.

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