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05-27-2007, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Doc Scurlock View Post
Southern Ontario has nearly 12 million people living in it and I can bet you my left nut that out those 12 million a sizable portion of them are hockey fans whether it be NHL, junior, or minor league hockey.

As for other major sports teams you forgot the Raptors and the Blue Jays. But none of those carry the kind of fan base that the hockey teams do. Just like in say New York the Yankees probably kick the crap out of the Rangers when it comes to the number of fans.

Remember just because you have millions and millions of people living up in New York doesn't mean they all care about hockey especially because, as you mentioned in your post, all the other sports teams in that are that competing for the fan dollar.

If you're setting up an NHL franchise then having it in a city where you don't compete with the NFL, MLB, NBA etc. is a smart first step. Just look at the Blue Jackets. The team's sucked since it came into the league yet the fans keep coming back imagine what will happen if they actually make the playoffs and get all the bandwagon jumpers to buy tickets, merchandise, etc.
Well lookey here a canadien that says lets wait for the US expansion team to grow!

I am sorry about forgeting the Jays and raptors, easy enough to. hey there is 12 million people in NYC alone in a 1/100th of the space, my point is Nashville deserves the same respect that you give the Blue Jackets.

See here is the great oh Canadians have some god given right to have hockey and any US fan doesnt have that same right. Oh as much as i hate the Rags, their fan base is expansive, but it is just the fact that baseball is loved by lots more round the world than hockey and something about NYY having so many championships 4 for the rags (and coinsidentally the isles) compared to 26 for the yanks. Oh should we start putting major league (MLB, CFL, NFL, NHL, MBS, MLS) teams in Moose Jaw, Ancorage, Mexico City, Vegas, Saskatoon? I mean you got money to waste lets put the Jets back in Winni. Sorry preds fans, bye

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