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05-27-2007, 11:43 AM
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USA Inline, by rule, allows all goalies the option of wearing skates or not, simply due to the lack of options. There is only one roler goalie skate available. The Tour line of gear, while doing the job, will require lots of maint to keep them intact. Avaid open toe pads such as the Tour USA models.... I would suggest a bottom line ice Chest/arm over anything offed in a roller CA. The roller CAs tend to have attached arms that twist around as you move. If you can find a roller with detachable/adjustable arm lengths, cool. Also pick up the ice level goalie jock. Simmons matrix is outstanding. You hardly notice wearing it.

You might also consider the bottom basement ice level mask. Do not use a street mask such as a franklin. They break very easily. Saw one break at a bar and the end bent in and cut the goalie nose just 1/4 inch from his eye. Just about any ice mask at the lowest price level will serve you for roller.

For those with heat issues, I suggest picking up a maltese combo or slash guard. a bit pricey but These gel items can be frozen and offer a significant improvement in regards to over heating, even when not frozen. they pull heat away rather than retain it inder the collar and CA. Mine worked wonders while playing in the Miami/Dade extreme roller championships. It is an ice hockey item so if you transition to ice its there for you.

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