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02-27-2004, 04:22 AM
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As a long time reader, but rarely a poster, and as I live overseas (a live game starts at 00:30 over here, (my VCR feels the pain), I can be a little more objective.

I love the team and want that cup, but not at the cost of sucking over a period of time. Unlike Colorado/NJ we were never to have those building years: drafting high, de4veloping top prospects. Why? The Farwell Lindros trade.
We gave up how many high level prospects: Forsberg, Simon as well as some very good NHL filler: Duchesne, Huffman and a goalie, Hextall, who we had no suitable replacement for (Soderstrom/Roussel?)
I guess we didn't sucked enough in those early nineties, (as i RECALL the team was around or just below .500), to rebuild fully.
Clarke has been fairly proactive and his drafting record is one of the league's better ones. When he has made mistakes:
Beezer over Cujo (Beezer took a team of stiffs to the finals on his back and Cujo is just as unproven finals-wise as he was then) But that was a close call.
Grabbing Gratton for 5 1sts, Gratton was 2nd-3rd yr in league, but was big and had just scored 62 pts. If he had progressed as expected he and Lindros would have been killers down the middle. To Clarkes credit he went back and undid the 5 1sts for a turnover prone Dykhius and slumping Renberg. (Renberg has never been the same since then)
Oates, but then that was a have to move. If Clarke like this year hadn't made a move, he would've been roasted. I agree the price was high, but at that time I thought the move would help the team take the next step.

I like the fact that the team does not have the deep lows that some franchises have had, and overall when the team fails people should criticize and moan, but when it comes to the teams overall mission: win now and win later, who can dispute it?

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