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05-27-2007, 12:57 PM
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im 6'4", i have found that tapered shafts end up being a bit longer than standards, and not just because of the nature of tapered shafts. right now i have a warrior shaft and blade and its as tall as anything ive ever had. its longer than my easton ultra lite w/focus flex plus a 6 and a half inch butt end. it measures 68 and a half inches with a four inch butt end. warriors tapered blades are longer than the others, along with a 53 inch shaft (eastons tapered are 52). i use a low lie blade (smyth), and that affects the height a bit. i think other companies might make even longer tapered shafts, but im not sure. i believe bauer and ccm both make pretty long standard shafts.

after adjusting to tblfan's standard listed below, the warrior stick and blade is 62 inches.

did some research - bauers tapered AND standard shaft is 54 inches long (according to the catalog anyway). compare to eastons standard shaft of 47 and tapered at 52 you can gain some height there. ccms new tapered shaft is 56 inches, standard at 54. add a focus flex blade/ warrior ak (a bit longer) to a 54 inch standard shaft and youre getting there. a smaller butt end would probably get you where you want to be. ccm's 56 inch taper with a warrior tapered blade would be impressive as well.

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