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02-27-2004, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by MePutPuckInNet
I think it's wrong to continue spreading misinformation about a prospect. I hate the idea that other people who may not be as familiar with O'Sullivan will take your report at face value and not dig further until they hit the facts. It creates an unfair impression of one of the most outstanding players in the OHL. That's why I said something.
I read the article and thought it was well written. Now you put the credibility of the resource in question. I agree with Ceber and would add that if you are going to post something that questions the credibility of the author and the subject, you have a responsibility to set the record straight. Just posting that the information is dubious does not convince me that the article has missed the mark. Give examples of what is incorrect. I do not know you or the author of the article. However, the article contains data that I can process. All you have produced is innuendo and accusations.

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