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05-28-2007, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by GHOSTofMAROONSroad View Post
However unscientific, of the over 1000 votes at on the question, "Do you think the Predators will leave town after next season?", the results are as follows:

64% Yes
12.2% No
23.8% Too soon to tell

That's not a very good sign since the poll was taken in the sports section and all that the fans would have to do is average 14,000 paid attendance next year in order to keep the team in the city beyond next season. That's hardly asking a lot for one of the best teams in the NHL.

When Winnipeg lost its team more than 35,000 stormed the City Hall and the fans raised 15 million. Is there a better website than HFboards where you are organizing? I hope so. You should not lose your team if you make the effort.

There's quite a bit of organizing being done at the moment. I've gone from resigned pessimism to cautious optimism upon seeing the reaction of the city well as the local media and a lot of what i'd call "casual fans." This sort of thing can have a great mobilizing effect, especially when many, including those in power, are taking Balsillie's intentions as a subversive slight to the city of Nashville. It's as if a gauntlet has been thrown.

As for the you said, it's not exactly scientific, especially when taking a glance at the reader comments and you see how many people who participate in the interactive features of the paper, especially when it comes to the Preds, are troll Detroit fans or teenage "TITANS ROOOL PREDZ DROOOL" types. Also...saying that you think the team will move isn't a white flag. Deep down, I still see it happening, but it doesn't mean I won't shed blood to see that it doesn't.


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