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02-27-2004, 10:48 AM
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Smart play by Avery. Look Lucidi, you are dead wrong on what you think happened in that situation and coming here to have a piss at us is lame and sad. Did we go to your boards when your beloved TooToo actually DID something deplorable by BITING another player? Of course not. You are simply wrong and wound up because one of your heros were taken off of his game by a young pesky punk who did his job to perfection.

If we use your "logic" here mate, then players should NEVER learn how to play thier positions better and NEVER develope thier games. Avery has been taught by his coach and team that IF he wants to remain with the Kings he has to learn how to use his skills. He has been doing that recently and as such, hasn't been dropping his gloves at the drop of a hat and has been the most effective pest in the game because of it.

You are also wrong on this specific incident by calling it turtling. Avery NEVER dropped his gloves. Period. Walker wanted to scrap, Avery new he had drawn a penatly. How many times have you seen players, after realizing they have been caught for a penalty do everything they can to even it up? All of the time. Walker were pissed at Avery and wanted to fight him in order to a, get back at the pest and more importantly b, fire up his team. If Avery had fought Walker he would have been helping you lot out and for nothing.

IF Walker were so keen on fighting Avery, why not wait until the puck were just dropped when they were lined up right at each other and, when nothing else were going on, get him to go? Why is it a turtle when Avery had never dropped his gloves? I mean, I could go on proving you wrong on this but I am done, you are wrong and even if you don't think so, you are at the wrong place to "share" that opinion I feel.

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