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02-27-2004, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by John Flyers Fan
Yes. Now I don't think that Sather should just trade him to trade him, but if he can get good value in return, I think he should deal Leetch.

Sather doesn't have that many chip that can bring back a significant return, Leetch is one that can.

IMO Leetch has 2-3 good years left, if the Rags are serious about re-building, then Leetch will spend his final 9 years or so with no playoff appearances.

Button wasn't talking about what needs to be brought back, however, he was talking about what still needs to be in place for a rebuilding team. He's talking about a philosophy of building not the specifics of the Rangers.

Personally I agree with him. There's much to be said for continuity, and the team for which you yourself root has almost always striven to see itself as a family more than a team. That comes from keeping patriarchs like Leetch around and maintaining a sense of team history.

On the practical side of the equation, there're plenty of assets with which to begin a rebuilding. The Rangers don't need to accomplish it all in one year and so they don't need a massive haul for Kovalev, Nedved, Mirononv, Barnaby, etc. A nice if not a spectacular return from these assets, in addition to their own high picks, should set the stage for a turnaround. The key after that will be in allowing a rebuilding to take its natural course: doing badly and collecting the corresponding high draft picks.

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