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Originally Posted by wfan View Post
this article is sad. i don't know how one person (HOLLY GUNNING, which happened to be a woman!) can judge players from Russia, Sweden, Czech rep. Slovakia, Finland and the AHL ... one i know for sure-she definately doesn't go all over the world to watch the games. i'm a wolves fan (as well as my Rangers), and actually asked the players on the team about miss Gunning. they said -quote from one unnamed forward on the team - "she has no idea what she is talking about, i'm not being mean, because she actualy allways says nice things about me (laugh) but her articles make us (the players on the squad) laugh"
they also said that the most famous sentence from her articles was from this years training camp (i think it was a rookie camp) when she said -" Little is not ready to make the team, he can't pass to himself of the boards" (they said it was one of the warm-up drills)
they also mentioned that it was funny to see her at the practise this year and then reading what she had to say. i was told she has seen the guys 3 !!! times on the ice ALL YEAR LONG and made an article about it. they found it hilarious, so do i, now that i think about it....
just wanted to share my opinion. no need to get upset anybody and believe me, i'm in no way making this up!!!!
This is a discussion forum which means you're free to air your views of course. But instead of just attacking the writer why don't you offer your own take on the players? Making a long winded post pointing out that she's a woman and doesn't travel the world tells me nothing about why you think she is wrong. Attacking the writer does nothing for readers here. If have a specific disagreement state your case.

Having read her stuff for a long time I can tell you she has been right about a great many players in the long run. I can also tell you that sometimes players have inflated opinions about themselves or certain teammates. They're not always right either. I've heard some hilarious things over the years about how player X is certain to make it to the NHL when it is pretty obvious to me that player X needs a miracle for that to happen. Brad Tapper is one person who comes to mind.

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