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05-31-2007, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Super Joe Sakic View Post
I still think the NHL has a strong influence in determining whichever city the Predators reside in. I would imagine that any ratification for the relocation of a team would be necessary by the Board of Governors...along with Bettman's blessing. However, if Balsillie wants a team in his hometown bad enough, he could make it happen. As well, I also don't think Winnipeg is at the top of the relocation list, for the NHL, in North America...only in Canada though. Regardless, my point has been made about Winnipeg being considered as a potential destination city for the NHL. I certainly hope the Preds can stay in Nashville.
Isles fan here who is also hoping the Preds can stay. (My franchise also suffered through location-in-limbo situations for a number of years before Wang bought the team, so I can sympathize with what you're all going through.)

I agree that the NHL's Board of Governors can be very influential in where a team is located, but I think that's exactly why Balsillie went so over-the-top in his bid...raising the Predators' value raises every other team's value. And when he goes in to make his relocation pitch, he can say, "I raised your franchise's value by X-million dollars, I should be allowed to do what I want." Whether 75% of the owners will listen to that argument is questionable, however.

It's a crazy scenario...the guy is basically playing a real-life version of Madden, where he wants to take control of a team, then move it to wherever he wants, including his own backyard, no matter how solid or flawed the logic may be. Balsillie's intentions with the Preds are underhanded at best, fraudulent at worst.

I agree with posters on this and other threads who are encouraging fans to make this as difficult as possible for him...reach that 14,000 ticket quota, pressure Nashville and surrounding-area corporations to get involved with the franchise, and take stories like the "Balsillie negotiations with Hamilton before officially owning the team," and get them plastered in newspapers like the Tennessean and reported by major media outlets in the area, because civic pride of having something ripped away from the area by an outsider can draw the casual fan into the fight, as well as the hardcore Preds backer.

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