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06-01-2007, 11:55 AM
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NoMore, I understand my "comparisson" was more in the line of apples to dump trucks, the point was best interests personally. I was seeking an answer that wasn't (too) emotionally charged, you usually deliver, and did. I don't mean to come off as indifferent, or a Leipold sympathizer. Admittedly, my interest in the team doesn't run nearly as deep as every regular poster in this forum. Although, I can say the Predators are the first NHL team that ever became the primary team I followed. This was mainly due to my following of the MilAds going back to the 80s and, natually, following all of those prospects to Nashville. (Never cared to get into Vancouver back in the day)

As for Leipold, was he, in fact, seeking this local interest committed to Nashville? Was there a local interest willing to commit to Nashville? Where are these local interests now, during this recent "hurricane"? And are they, or will they be committed? Does it even pay for local interest to get involved any longer? Since this was a hobby, how long should Leipold himself have been committed? At what point does that commitment deteriorate if there aren't local interests committed to the Preds in Nashville? How much does he being an outsider play into this? If Leipold truely put little effort into seeking these local interests, then I hold him with very little regard. If his intentions, and efforts, were there to bring in local interests and there just wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel. Does anything change if he waited until two years from now?

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