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02-27-2004, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by vilpertti
If he didn't comment on those rumours, I'm pretty darn sure people like.. well, some people in here for example, would take those rumors as certainties. Not to be blunt but I can't think of very many more stupid things than proposing trades for other fans on a web board, unless they have some fantasy hockey value. What's the point in that?
There is a good reason for it -> it helps bring expectations into order. For example on Sens fan boards (not HF) "thinking" was around trading a package of junk for Smyth (before Smyth it was Isbister with endless versions of Isbister for McEachern deals) . Much time was spent deciding on the right package of junk for Smyth, and the gift wrapping for it. However by referring fans to this site, and them seeing how the Oil fans deep fried the junk filled proposals, the trade speculation subsided. Likewise now near the deadline fans can see that Jason Smith will not be had for a 3rd, and Gonchar is not simply a 2nd plus an awful prospect. So trade proposal talk between fans of the implicated teams helps fans on both sides, plus innocent bystander fans, understand each other and the requirements of other teams. That's why proposing trades on a web board that involves the fans of all teams is not one of the very many stupid things you can do. Using without thinking is one.

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