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06-03-2007, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesFanatic View Post
Thats where this country has gone soft since 9/11. It was not exactly feasible and coming to fruition? So lets wait until they actually blow it up before we figure things out. Proactive actions need to be taken against these animals. The fact that those thoughts were even there is good enough for me.
That's not what I was implying, and I'm pretty sure that you know that. The comment about it not being close to fruition was a lame attempt at quelling the fear that we were seconds away from chaos. I understand that the threat was very real. Moreover, I totally agree that we need to be proactive in combating terrorism, I just take issue with people equating being proactive with deporting all citizens of the Muslim faith. It's impractical, immoral and unconstitutional. The point of my post was to remind everyone that terrorism isn't an act committed exclusively by Muslims, but rather by members of all segments of society- black, white, Muslim, Christian, rich, poor, etc...


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