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06-03-2007, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesFanatic View Post
ok not talking about that kind of crime. I am talking about terrorism so let's not spin it here.
Well, if we include spree killings and mass murders as terrorism (which by definition we should), then Caucasians have wreaked more havoc on the nation than any other group. The events of 9/11 obviously were the largest-scale terror attack in the history of our country, but through it's entirety Muslim terrorists have hardly been a blip on our map. I feel like we're getting sidetracked here, since I agree that currently radical Muslims pose the greatest threat to our country.

I'll add that I'm about to head out. I'm afraid when I come back tomorrow that this topic will be locked, but I hope you guys (and IslesFanatic especially) continue this. We obviously need more open dialog, and even if it's on a small scale discussions like this can only be beneficial.


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