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06-04-2007, 03:07 AM
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It's a tough one... In professional leagues, you can expect most of the bias to be all but gone, ( I think...) but from there downwards to the recreational leagues it gets more and more widespread. I for one am certain some referees are biased purely because they are human. I've had my share of uncalled penalties, some blatant and some not. It's difficult to control that anger of not getting justice you deserve, but you just gotta get on with it and play harder as a result. I notice that some players, when the ref misses a penalty, will just give back what they took and take a penalty on themselves. When they are skating to the box they calmly chat to the ref that they aren't going to take crap the whole game even if the ref misses it and that they are sure the ref would do the same thing.

Many times I have been sticked in the face, boarded in a non-checking game, tripped, slashed, hooked, you name it, all without call and each time I've been more pissed at the ref that the player for not giving him the penalty. However, I never shout at the ref or give him a hard time cause it gives him more reasons to be even more biased. Of course, he may not be biased at all and may have just messed up, so I then try to point out that he should watch the offending player cause someone might get hurt. What I do now is try too think of the ref as a good friend that I've known for years.

If you are certain that they are messing you guys around, try get someone to film your games and then send it to the people at the top. Stress that you all have jobs to go to the next morning and don't want to be on the receiving end of a stick to the face by some pathetic loser who uses the sport as an excuse to take out his life's frustrations on injuring people. I know there are a few of those people that play.

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