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02-28-2004, 12:35 AM
Ronnie Bass
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Originally Posted by DaMick
first of all..i wouldnt put much respect into anything M&MD talk about
they are self serving fools who really dont follow hockey besides headline reading.
I pretty much agree that they hate hockey and can be a couple of jackasses from time to time but they are entertaining to a degree (mostly when Mad Dog acts like an idiot which is often), but what is undeniable is when they do talk about something and rag on it all day which they love to do and something they happen to be very very good at, it gets to other people's ears and depending on who that person might be (Dolan?) it might be to much for him to take espicially when they talk about how Sather is biting the hand that is feeding him. Dolan knows the audience they bring in and how many people are hearing about how much of a fool Sather is making out of him, at least you hope he does.

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