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02-28-2004, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacobv2
5-10 million dollars for a transfer fee? That may be a slight exaggeration. I doubt even the Flyers or Rangers would be willing to shell that kind of cash out.

If it becomes a problem, couldn't whatever team drafts Ovechkin/Malkin just wait a year or two until his contract is up? Or smuggle him out of the country, a la Zherdev? It's not like the player is going to see a dime of that fee.

Even if that's a realistic figure, why would a team like the Penguins trade the pick? It'd be more beneficial to just draft a non-Russian, or to draft the Russian if only to hold his rights and then possibly trade him down the line, or just wait for the IIHF to work things out.

This all sounds really far fetched.
It may or may not happen. I really have no clue but I heard about it being a possibility. My thread was assuming it happens. Even if it didn't happen. I could still see incentives for two teams that are very likely to compete for the last spot overall to do that because it increases the chances to get the first pick overall in a given year and also gives an opportunity to a team to draft twice in a given draft in the top 5. But I admit it's quite risky.

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