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Originally Posted by Vanek-26 View Post
No, it was hinted by the host (and Rodier would not deny) that Leipold would give notice as part of the deal. I believe McCown said he would have demanded that up front, to which Rodier replied "Interesting". He said that Balsillie can't this year because the deadline to do so will have passed when the sale goes through.
Actually, Vanek, you must have been half listening. The McCown comment and Rodier "interesting" comment to which you refer was with respect to getting consent from the NHL to move the team. THAT is what McCown said he would have demanded up front, and Rodier gave his reply. Rodier would not respond either way to the question, BTW.

Again, Rodier would not confirm or deny that they can give notice before the 07-08 season.
Rodier did state his interpretation, but carefully noted that is assuming one wanted to give notice.

After the interview (not online) McCown and Kelly said that Hamilton is 63 miles (based on their experience driving from one to the other, which Kelly does a lot), which out outside the area.
As Kelly stated, that was door of Copps to door of the Aud. I can tell you that you have to go several miles past Copps until you hit the corporate city limits, which is the defining limit.

It has been reported here that Balsillie has booked Cops Collisum in Hamilton for the 08-09 season, and that he would keep the team in Hamilton (paying the Leafs, not the Sabres) for 2 seasons while a new arean was built in Kitchener Waterloo.
Reported where?? Here on HF Boards??!? Balsillie has entered into a letter of intent to discuss a transaction with Hamilton. He has booked nothing. Where have you been? For reasons why moving to Hamilton and then KW are ridiculous, please go to the Business board and look up some of my posts. I have pretty well definitively demolished that thought.

If you mean the first (or one of the first) points he brings up, he didn't miss-interpret, the constitution contridicts itself.
As read, the constitution does not contradict itself. The provisions address different scenarios.

All I said was they talk about moving team, seems like that was what the conversation was about.
Fair enough.

No, while in Hamilton they would have pay Toronto (but they would challange that, as it has never been enforced by the league, the Ducks and Kings settled it themselves). However the belief is the team will ultimatly be in Kitchener Waterloo, which outside of both the Sabres and Leafs territories.
That is what I said, although you are incorrect that it has never been enforced. NJ paid $33 million to the NYR.

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