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06-08-2007, 12:22 AM
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Hello All:

Newbie with an attitude. Bluepred has been bugging me to check out the board and now I see why - it rocks!

I'm the guy who started We need ALL OF YOU to get involved with our efforts. There are a lot of important eyes on our board right now (and we have the IP tracking to prove it).

I'm not going to waste a lot of space here telling you what we're doing - please just come see for yourself and tell your fellow Preds fans. We're not just signing petitions, we're signing checks. We're raising money to buy the tickets that will keep the Preds in Nashville.

Come buy a shirt, download a poster to hang on your nearest telephone pole, or just hang out on the boards - it's your call. We'll just be glad if you visit.

A few news items..and I apologize if I am repeating anything that's already been posted. I am posting this quickly as I am pretty slammed right now with all that's going on. I'll get caught up - I promise.

First - we are ALL on board with the fact there is no Rally on June 16. But, there IS a concert benefit that we hope you will support. It's on June 10. This IS NOT the official fan rally, but to have come about so quickly, it's looking pretty strong. Please check the event poster link in the news section of the site.

Next - we need some participation on the boards on our site. We've sold TONS of t-shirts since we went online on May 26 (proceeds of shirts buy Preds tickets for Big Brothers Big Sisters), but have very little activity on the boards. Please join and please raise hell.

We've got an excellent core group in place and can always use more dedicated Preds. And Oh yeah, we just started a YouTube section and we need videos aimed at keeping the preds here. We already have one online in case you haven't seen it. Please distribute it freely:

One last request - if you are on other boards, please spread the word about us and please tell your Preds friends on the street.

Thanks for your support. Let's kick some butt.

Jim L

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