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02-29-2004, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Leafaholix
- Kidd would be the starter for the rest of the season... his contract is up on July 1.
- They're going to need atleast 1 NHL defenseman... being Marchment.

But I agree... makes very little sense from a Washington POV.
And lets think a little along the lines of the Kovalev deal ....where the NHL is concerned about $$$ and Kolzig has over 13.5 remaining on a long term contact ... and with Belfours age 40 and bad back history ... Leafs would be looking for insurance this year and Kolzig as their started post CBA signing when Belfour is retired ... while Kidd makes a mere 500 K most of that spent ...and Washington could use him to finish out the year rather than throw a young goalie to the wolves...and without Belfour or a proven NHL goal Leafs have little chance for success and then that defeats the purpose of trading Carlo for a run this year , without and insurance policy(Kolzig)

So Kidd and Marchment could be included to offset a little of the big money coming from Kolzig and Gonchar for that matter ... and Toronto if taking on players they have to make room for others to get to the league roster size so by adding Kolzig and Gonchar ala Kidd and Marchment going the other way..

Tucker has value on his own and yet he to makes a roster opening when Roberts returns in a few days...

The rumours have been that Gonchar for an inexpensive roster player (Tucker) top prospect (Colaiacovo) and high draft pick (2nd) ... then as a Salary dump, Kolzig (13.5 million) Washington is forced to add a few depth players (Marchment And Kidd) , because as strong as Washington prospect pool might be they can't keep replacing NHL stars that are traded with AHL callups... as the Brooks Laich and Thomas Fleischmans & Colaiacovo's do not really help right now... and with a young roster they need a little protection and both Tucker and Marchment add that grit and bodyguard role ...

The main deal really revolves around Gonchar and Colaiacovo and the rest is mainly smoke and in this case a balancing act of roster sizes, $$$$ balancing and temp replacements...

All that said I don't believe the rumour to be true but I can see whoever dreamed it up had good reasons to make it sound possible.. all things considered ...

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