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06-10-2007, 12:06 PM
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Everyone here has had great ideas. Time, practice, better competition....etc. All great ideas. I've played for almost 40 years so I don't really remember what finally made it all click for me. I coached for a long time, quit when I had kids and now I am getting back into it since my son became a peewee 2 years ago. He isn't a natural talent kid and really has to work hard. He came from and still plays baseball almost all year round and that moves really slow. The speed of the game and the quick thinking are definately his biggest issues. The thing I do with him is have him watch the game. When he's on the bench he watches what the other kids at his position are doing. Where they go without the puck, what they do with when they get it. You spend a good 2/3 of every game on the bench, make good use of that time. I also take him to games and sit all over the place. Both sides, both ends, high, low, and try and see the game before it happens. In other words, try and get one step ahead of what is happening. As the puck is moving between 2 players on a pass figure out what the receiver should do with it before he even gets it. If he's wrong, he see's where it does go and remembers. Next time he's right.
I also try and get him to play every position. You may not be able to do that if you are on a team but maybe try pick up or drop in hockey and play different positions. The best way to know what a defenseman needs when he gets in trouble is to be in the same trouble. Then if you're the wing and you see trouble coming for him you will be in the right place for him.
The theme that keeps being repeated by everyone is "time". There is no substitute for it. You have to spend the time, but I guess my best advice would be to make the most of the time. When you aren't out who is.

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