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06-10-2007, 05:41 PM
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Very true that the sprinting isnt constant through the entire shift. Heart rate monitoring shows that with in the first 20-30 seconds of a shift, near 90% or more of max heart rate is reached and sustained for the duration of the shift. In order to target the energy systems, oxygen delivery and such, sprints are one of the closest dry land means to achieve like results. Stamina is not just the bodies abilty to perform work over a set duration. It is also the bodies ability to recover through its aerobic alactic energy system. IF you do not perform dry land at these levels your wasting your time and efforts targeting anaerobic and lactic systems.

I agree that 30 second all out sprints are something that would be for top flite athletes. It takes these sustained levels to engage the systems targeted. In the set up I describe in the previous post, the goal is to ramp up the heart rate as well as provide the rest period to improve recovery time for your next shift. Even though you have reached the bench and are at rest, the body still has great demand placed on it during the recovery period. Your energy systems are still hard at work.

Each has to learn and know their current limitations. As a starter, the first lane would be a 15 yard distance and the 5th and final lane might be 35 yards. The total tiem frame would be around 30 seconds of sprint but there is also double that time frame where the body has dropped back to its aerobic alactic to simulate recovery time. Once established, results, times, heart rate (including your morning waking) should be recorded. This enables the individual to tweak the programs as they develop. For the average rec player its moot since its more about the fun and competition. Each will decide how serious they wish to be.

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